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re: Step by Step Instructions on How to Use the Songbook Plugin

Here are step by step instructions on how to use Chiran's Songbook plugin:

After downloading the plugin from, extract it to the C:\Users\<User Name>\Documents\The Lord of the Rings Online\Plugins folder, which you will have to make manually.

Once extracted, use the songbook.hta file in the plugins\Chiran folder. It will build your song library from your manually created music folder.

Once built, type /plugins load songbook ingame, or use the plugins manager from the start menu > system > plugins manager. (You can also bind the manager to a hot key by using "key mapping" from the options panel).
Then type /songbook toggle to open the songbook window (or click the music note icon on your screen.)

There you will see seven buttons on the top of the screen. They are M (toggles music mode on and off), ► (plays the selected song under the songs box), R ( does the /readycheck command [used for group playing]), ►| (syncs up the selected song, readying you for group playing), X:1 (toggles the correct instrument part for the selected song), and finally S (writes what song you are playing in the emote channel).

If you don't know where a song is in your music folder that you want to play, you can search for it using the search box.

Under that you will see a text box under Directories. Here is where all of your folders will be listed in your music folder. Personally I like to have my songs organized by parts amount. So all of my six part songs are in a folder titled "six-part." Of course you can name your folders whatever you want.

Double clicking on a directory (folder name), will list all of the songs in the textbox under Songs.

Once you select a song that you want to play, the song parts will be listed under Parts if enabled in the settings window, and if there is more than one instrument part for the song.

Click on the song part you would like to play if listed.

Then click on M on the top of the screen to enter music mode.

If you are playing solo, click on ► to start playing the song.

If you are in a group, click on ►| to sync up your song with your group. Once the group is synced up to play, someone in the group can click |► to start the group song.

What is neat about the songbook plugin is that you can have shortcuts to your different instruments in your bags. Once enabled in the settings window, you can drag and drop instruments from your inventory to the eight boxes on the bottom of your songbook screen. When not in music mode you can click on the instruments here to swap it with your equipped instrument.

Last is the Settings button. Here you can change the settings for the songbook plugin including enabling/ disabling the parts window and instrument boxes, as well as changing custom commands and showing song descriptions in the song list.

To unload the plugin simply type /plugins unload. This will unload all loaded plugins. To re-enable Songbook, just retype /plugins load songbook. You can also reload and unload the plugin from the plugin manager.

Happy playing!

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re: Step by Step Instructions on How to Use the Songbook Plugin

Thank you, this was needed and is most welcome Happy

I would just add that music, abc files, go into
(My documents)\The Lord of the Rings Online\music directory, which might also require to be created.

I'm adding link to
Songbook of Laurelin
where you can find cleaned, working, single and multi part music, single and multi-part packs and similar things.

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